Comprehensive Test

Actionable Results!

The ADVANCED testing methods, coupled with a streamlined comprehensive report provide you easy to use results with your patients.

A key DIFFERENTIATOR is our ability to provide you with a GUIDE to select researched based specific nutrients to positively impact your patients health and longevity based on their unique genetic makeup. Add the guidance of diets, exercise and their environment, and you have the pinnacle of actionable genetic testing!

We treat your information with the importance it deserves.

We are committed to protecting your information, handling it responsibly and securing it with administrative, technical and physical measures and safeguards.

All genetic test results and any Personal Information are maintained under a strict policy of confidentiality. Your test results will never be sold to a third party.

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Following is a list of the specific genes covered in the test.

This is the sample report of what you will receive following taking the test.

This will show the results by category and will be available to the practitioner.

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