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The Science

The myDNA Comprehensive Health report has been designed by practitioners for practitioners so it is easy to interpret and designed to enable practitioners to deliver effective consultations and health plans with their patients.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods interact with your genes and explains the individual genetic differences that can affect the requirements of vitamins, minerals, and compounds in the foods we eat. Everyone absorbs, metabolizes, and transports chemicals differently based on their genetic makeup; nutrigenomics unlocks this personal blueprint. Epigenetics refers to chemical tags that attach to the exterior of the genome, changing the way that your cells read and express your genetic material. Understanding DNA versus epigenetics is like understanding nature vs. nurture. DNA is your blueprint, not your destiny. Your genetic results are your nature determined at birth, and these results do not change throughout your lifetime. However, nurture or epigenetic influences, including your diet, stress levels, relationships, sleep patterns, environment, and exercise, change your genes’ expression. “Good” or “bad” genes are relative to the expression of your genes from your epigenetic choices in life.

The myDNA Comprehensive Health Report shows where you need to epigenetically narrow your choices to increase the probability of success for a sound body and mind. Epigenetics gives you control to build a healthier version of yourself, cell by cell!

The analysis covers an extensive list of 92 Genes and will guide you through a whole-body approach of personalized diet, lifestyle, and environmental insights for vibrant health.

The Laboratory testing is conducted in the USA at the myDNA CAP and CLIA accredited facility.